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Azure DevOps

This collector collect builds from either Azure DevOps or a on-prem Azure DevOps 2019 Server instance.


Below is an example of a configuration for an on-prem Azure DevOps 2019 server.
To connect to Azure DevOps instead, remove the serverUrl field.

    "$schema": "",
    "collectors": [
            "azure": {
                "id": "azure_cake",
                "serverUrl": "",
                "organization": "cake-build",
                "project": "cake",
                "definitions": [ "5", "6", "7" ],
                "branches": [
                "credentials": "anonymous"

Required fields

Field Type Description
branches Array The branches to include
credentials AzureDevOpsCredentials The Azure DevOps credentials
definitions Array The build definitions to include
id String The Azure DevOps collector ID
organization String The Azure DevOps organization
project String The Azure DevOps project

Optional fields

Field Type Description
enabled Boolean Determines whether or not this collector is enabled
serverUrl String The Azure DevOps server URL.
Only required if Duck should collect builds from a self-hosted instance of Azure DevOps Server.


The credentials fields is where you tell Duck how you want to authenticate against Azure DevOps. If your project is public, you can use anonymous access, but be aware that this might be throttled at any point by Azure DevOps.

Anonymous access:

"credentials": "anonymous"

Personal Access Token:

"credentials" {