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This collector collect builds from AppVeyor.


    "$schema": "",
    "collectors": [
            "appveyor": {
                "id": "appveyor",
                "credentials": {
                    "bearer": "SUPER-SECRET-TOKEN"
                "account": "myaccount",
                "project": "myproject-slug"

Required fields

Field Type Description
account String The AppVeyor account
credentials AppVeyorCredentials The TeamCity credentials
id String The AppVeyor collector ID
project String The AppVeyor project

Optional fields

Field Type Description
count Integer The number of builds to retrieve
enabled Boolean Determines whether or not this collector is enabled


The credentials fields is where you tell Duck how you want to authenticate with AppVeyor.

Bearer token:

"credentials": {
    "bearer": "APPVEYOR-API-KEY"